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Education research is one of the most important prerequisites for the necessary further development and improvement of the education system. The ongoing collection and editing of data on education research in Austria is commissioned by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF) and carried out by the Association of Austrian Adult Education Centres (VÖV).

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Since 1976, the respective austrian federal ministry responsible for educational affairs has documented education research activities going on in Austria (school research and school development, empirical education research, teacher education, social pedagogy as well as professional and adult education). Until 1999, the data was exclusively available in printed editions of “Bildungsforschung in Österreich” (“Education Research in Austria”; bifo:dok). From 2000 to the end of October 2012, the data in the education research documentation database of the bm:ukk (Verbund für Bildung und Kultur) could also be retrieved electronically.

Starting in winter semester 2010/2011, the process of collecting data changed. The previous collection of data in the form of Excel questionnaires was replaced by direct electronic input of data by the researchers. The authorisation to enter data can be obtained by writing to

The current electronic documentation of education research is hosted on the Knowledge Base Erwachsenenbildung platform and can be integrated into any homepage. Direct access to the published project results (electronically or via the inter-library loan system) is offered through a link to the Österreichischer Bibliothekenverbund (Austrian Library Network). Mr Wilfried Lang is your direct contact for all issues concerning bifo:dok. He can be reached by phone at +43-676-6745902 or by e-mail at

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