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Basic texts on the theory, practice, and development of adult education as download-files

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For the current discussion, as well as for historical reflection, it is important to be able to fall back on a pool of important basic texts on the theory, practice, and development of adult education. The text archive is the digital memory of relevant discussions on the principles, positions, statements, and analyses of Austrian adult education from the end of the 19th century to the present.

One can search for texts by author, title or title subject, and the year of publication, and the texts are available as download-files.

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1. History

Historical texts and research literature on the history of adult education

2. Framework Conditions

Texts on the political, legal, organisational, and financial framework conditions of adult education

3. Persons

Texts on primary literature from and research literature on important public and adult educators

4. Institutions

Texts on the organisation, structure and institutions of adult education

5. Theory

Texts on the theory of adult education and science

6. Practice

Texts on educational opportunities and participation as well as on the methodology and didactics of adult education

7. Best practise

Reports on successful educational practice in Austria

8. International Comparison

Texts on international models, and comparison and reference models

9. Gender

Texts on how to deal with gender relations in educational contexts