KnowledgeBase Erwachsenenbildung

Academic Research Papers

Data base of academic papers on adult education and continuing education at Austrian universities

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An overview of the current state of university research is indispensable for the documentation of existing research papers and for the stimulation of new papers. The utilisation of this relatively unknown research potential holds considerable surplus value for the practice of adult education and, in addition, should contribute to the increase of the potential for reflection in Austrian adult education.

The database contains the whole spectrum of academic knowledge produced on the topic of adult education and continuing education. It not only facilitates the search for final papers, master’s theses, dissertations, and habilitations completed after 1945, but also enables access to the so-called “grey literature” – student papers written in proseminars and seminars, or university research reports – which are available as full-text downloads.

If you have university research papers that do not appear in the database, you can send them to us both as bibliographic information and as full texts (word file, PDF). To do so, please click the [feedback] button at the bottom of the page on the right.

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