Studies in the Education of Adults



Studies in the Education of Adults

Herausgeber/in: Professor Miriam Zukas (editor), University of Leeds, Professor John  Field, (Book Reviews Editor) University of Stirling, Dr Stephen Brookfield, University of St. Thomas, Minnesota, Dr Kathryn Ecclestone, University of Exeter, Professor Richard Edwards   University of Stirling, Professor Mary Hamilton, University of Lancaster, Roger Harrison, Open University, Professor Maria Slowey, (Corresponding Editor), Dublin City University, Professor Richard Taylor, University of Leeds, Professor Mary Thorpe, Open University and UAce
Erscheinungsort: Leeds
Laufzeit: 1968 –
Erscheinungsweise: halbjährlich

Studies in the Education of Adults is an international refereed academic journal, publishing theoretical, empirical and historical studies from all sectors of post-initial education and training. It aims to provide a forum for the debate and development of key concepts. Studies in the education of adults is published by NIACE in association with the Standing Conference on University Research and Teaching in the Education of Adults (SCUTREA),  the Universities Association for Continuing Education (UACE)  and the European Society for Research on the Education of Adults (ESREA). Two issues are published each year, and each normally contains 6-8 refereed articles on academic topics in the education of adults, an editorial and a substantial book review section.

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