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Database on the statistics of the Austrian Adult Education Centres

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Since 1985, the Association of Austrian Adult Education, within the framework of the educational research area of the Educational Work and Research Unit of the Association of Austrian Adult Education Centres, has compiled detailed statistics, collecting data on the development of participation according to social group, region, age, and subject area, as well as on course offerings according to subject area. The statistics, beginning in 1950, document the impressive process of expansion of the Adult Education Institutes in Austria.

As part of the Knowledge Base Erwachsenbildung, the production of the statistics is further developed with the help of online support. Each individual Adult Education Institute has the possibility to directly enter its statistical data via a web-interface, just like the provincial associations, which support the institutes in their reorganisation. By means of this direct entry system, a much higher degree of differentiation of the statistical results will be reached on a medium-term basis. At the moment, the statistical data is differentiated according to federal provinces, however, this data will be made available at the level of the individual Adult Education Institute by the statistics project area of the Knowledge Base Erwachsenbildung.

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The Statistical Efficiency Report of the adult education centres in Austria is carried out in the form of a complete multi-level survey. Once a year, every adult education centre draws up a cumulative report on the courses held and their participations, on the projects implemented and on publications.
This information is available here.

The Evaluations/Efficiency Reports field includes the standardised Efficiency Report of the Adult Education Centres (which has been published in a printed version since 1985) as well as detailed analyses of different issues.
The Data Sheets field includes the reports of the individual adult education centres and of groups of adult education centres (provinces, regions), provided this detailed data has been authorized by the institutions.
The Publications and Projects field includes information on activities that take place in addition to the classical courses.

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