Information on how to enter data

Information on the Gathering of Statistics on the Austrian Conference on Adult Education

The introduction of the new collection system of the Knowledgebase Erwachsenenbildung not only assures a more efficient design of the collection process, but the adult education institutions of the KEBÖ also have agreed on expanding the content of the statistical questionnaire.

You can find information and help with your entries by clicking on "Help" in the left navigation bar or directly at Hilfe zur Eingabe von Daten. There you can also download the respective valid survey form. It is important to always use the current survey form so that possible changes regarding the characteristics and key figures gathered can be carried out by the institutions.

Besides the focus on performance-related data such as the numbers of courses and participants, the statistical survey of the Austrian Conference of Adult Education also includes information on the infrastructure and staff or on the structural features of the institutions.