Structural analysis of the Austrian Adult Education Centres

Database on the organisational structure, infrastructural equipment, and personnel of the Austrian adult education centres.

In terms of a transparent business culture, the structural analysis data base provides information on the size, equipment, catchment area, and course volume of the Austrian adult education centres. The core of the structural analysis, which is done every five years, are the key data on all the organisational units (except for the Association of Austrian Adult Education Centres).

Comparative analyses and evaluations explain the most important developmental trends: Since the first survey in 1985, the number of adult education centres has risen from 259 to currently 293. While the increasing professionalisation is an important trend, still only about every fifth adult education centre is directed by a full time professional. Over the last five years, the number of women in executive positions has doubled.

The adult education centre, as one of the oldest institutions of adult education in Austria, is distinguished by its special organisational diversity. Information on the organisational structure can also be obtained from the overviews of all the Austrian federal provinces.

Detailed and reliable knowledge about these developments represents an indispensable pillar for any further organisational development planned. This is especially true, if the organisation wishes to distinguish itself by a high degree of federalism, independence, and democratic culture, as in the case of the adult education centres.

Graphic Structural analysis


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