On the history of KEBÖ

The Austrian Conference on Adult Education (KEBÖ)

The Austrian Conference on Adult Education (KEBÖ) was founded in May 1972. Pursuant to the Declaration of Principles in 1994 it sees itself as “the working group of those adult education institutions in Austria that are listed in the Adult Education Promotion Act”, which are the ten nationwide umbrella associations of the Austrian non-profit adult education institutions.

KEBÖ serves as a platform for discussion and cooperation which represents its common interests to the public and strives to emphasize the increasing importance of adult education. Although KEBÖ has not been legally anchored, authorities recognize it as the responsible representative for questions concerning adult education.

Institutional expenses are limited to a minimum. The executive committee consists of members from all member organization and deals with day-to-day matters. There is a new chairperson every two years. There are de facto only unanimous decisions. Once a year, the annual conference takes place, which for many years now has been organized as an expert conference on a particular topic.

The statistics reports, which have been presented since 1986 on an annual basis, provide by far the most comprehensive numerical data, although with very little detail, on the adult education activities in Austria.

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