Evaluations and efficiency reports on the courses offered and the participants at Austrian adult education centres

Here you can easily access the efficiency reports that are drawn up every year by the Educational Work and Research Unit of the Association of Austrian Adult Education Centres. In addition, separate evaluations are carried out on certain issues. So far the evaluation has only been done on the level of the provinces. With the help of the Knowledgebase Erwachsenenbildung a more detailed analysis down to the lowest level of the different institutions can now also be carried out and made accessible here.

The efficiency reports and evaluations provide data on the most important developmental trends in adult education work and the involvement of the people. They represent an important instrument for the planning and quality development of adult education centres and provide information on the services offered by Austrian adult education centres. Last but not least the development of the adult education centres reflects changes in society.

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Statistics Reports and Evaluations

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1 Das Bildungsinteresse erwachsener VHS-Teilnehmer im Spiegel der Statistik Ursula Lux 1974
2 VHS Leistungsbericht 2017 (für die AJ 2015/16) Stefan Vater, Peter Zwielehner 2017
3 VHS Leistungsbericht 2015 (für die AJ 2013/14) Stefan Vater, Peter Zwielehner 2015
4 VHS Leistungsbericht 2014 (für die AJ 2012/13) Stefan Vater, Peter Zwielehner 2014
5 VHS Leistungsbericht 2010 (für die AJ 2008/09) Stefan Vater, Peter Zwielehner 2010
6 VHS Leistungsbericht 2013 (für die AJ 2011/12) Stefan Vater, Peter Zwielehner 2013
7 VHS Leistungsbericht 2012 (für die AJ 2010/11) Stefan Vater, Peter Zwielehner 2012
8 Berufliche Bildung an Volkshochschulen Stefan Vater, Peter Zwielehner 2016
9 VHS Leistungsbericht 2009 (für die AJ 2007/08) Stefan Vater, Peter Zwielehner 2009
10 VHS Leistungsbericht 2016 (für die AJ 2014/15) Stefan Vater, Peter Zwielehner 2016


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